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This guy is not real popular with the rank and file. He "was" the dictator of apparel, . He loves having folks sit in his office and smooch. I accept this as part of dealing with some of those out there but I have set my limit with this one. I guess what it comes down to is how much of "what" are you going to put up with from someone to do biz with them. Time is the only commodity we cannot replace and frankly he wants too much of it for the return received. We found a way around him because of this last deal and now have a growing opportunity working with the local managers. He is not real happy about being cut out of the loop but from what I hear the bank prez was not real pleased with the amount he spent only to have the employees not wear the garment. In my opinion the salesman that he dealt with did him a huge disservice. He sold him something based on price and gave no thought as to whether the style/fabric/fit were appropriate for the intended application. Are recommendations of that nature part of my job? You bet they are, if it don't work it won't be because the customer screwed up, it never is. I gotta get off here, today is a work day. Sitting on over 100 shirts and 8 doz caps with 12 doz more (caps) on Wednesday. (Aaron is saying "So, whats your point") It is just me and my one little Goddess (for now) so we got to make some noise.


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I have a credit union account that allows employees to select from two or
three shirt models. Given these places have some turnover, I found that
works well. I can keep a couple in stock and have them done quickly. It
keeps their buyer happy. If your banker guy calls again and you reconsider
doing business with him, you might consider this for him. I'll bet he gets a
lot of grief from his female staff over all this. He may need a solution and
you could provide it. Also I noticed that the shirt was SANMAR. There are
less expensive name brand shirts available from other suppliers. Maybe if
you approached the guy with a less expensive proposal than your competition
this thing could turn around. I'll bet a dollar to a donut hole this guy
really hates buying shirts. Couple that with being tighter than the bark on
a tree he has some serious pucker factor problems. If you are absolutely
totally finished doing business with your banker guy and wouldn't do
business with him period, then give me his name. I will even give you a
finder's fee! Share the wealth! That's what my daddy says. ;)

Jack Fuller

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Oh boy, this one chapped me butt. The shirts were delivered 2 weeks after
the supposed due date, I have no knowledge as to the final cost but do know
that 99% of them are in someone's closet and will not be worn. The customer
is a bank (also wife's employer) and the guy in charge of putting their
employees in clothing has no concept of what is appropriate for their
employees to wear. Now after 20+ years my wifey is not the 115 lb girl she
once was but neither is she overly large. She put this v-neck/skin
tight/stretchy thing on and her first reaction was no way on earth was she
going to wear this in public let alone at her place of employment. Would
have looked really nice 20 years ago but not happening today. My beef with
this guy goes back to the very beginning of our biz. He hounded us to get
their logo done. Rejected several versions until we had Janel make one for
us. His comment was WOW, you did really well, maybe the best I have seen.
Being new and stupid (expecting some biz from them) we ate the digitizing
charge. Result was he orders 6 shirts. Calls me several months later, bank
has acquired several more branches, lots more people, I spend 2 hours in his

office, won't kiss where he wants me to. No order. Lesson learned. Then the
shirt thing in reference. The guy has no clue. He called last week, says
come see me. I told him I really didn't have the time to waste at this
point. He hung up on me. I haven't lost any sleep over it.

Royal Embroidery
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You sent this is February but I never read what happened. How did all this
shake out?

Jack Fuller

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Hey Folks,
I would appreciate some opinions here if you are willing.

Customer wants 400 shirts (Port L440c) with 4200 stitches on left chest.
Shirt is $7.99, on an order like this I figure a 40% markup on garment and
$3.50 for the logo. shirt delivered for say $14.50. Am I too high?

Customer says he can get these for $10.00 ea and now the kicker, he is
to order them tomorrow and have them by Monday. I think my chain is being


Royal Embroidery

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