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Is the $10.00 with embroidery? I've gotten to the point where I tell them
they should probably take "advantage" of that offer. It might be a customer
that try and argue pricing on everything and you would be better without
them. I think your pricing is right on, I would actually charge a little
more. It really depends on how much you need or want the work. Let us know
what you decide to do.
Wendy Solomonson
Itchin' To Stitch
Arlington, MN
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> Hey Folks,
> I would appreciate some opinions here if you are willing.
> Customer wants 400 shirts (Port L440c) with 4200 stitches on left chest.
Shirt is $7.99, on an order like this I figure a 40% markup on garment and
$3.50 for the logo.  shirt delivered for say $14.50. Am I too high?
> Customer says he can get these for $10.00 ea and now the kicker, he is
going to order them tomorrow and have them by Monday. I think my chain is
being jerked.
> Thanks,
> Herb
> Royal Embroidery

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