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Maybe you could have saved a hefty repair bill...just dose it
good with mineral oil and it should have coughed up that hair ball!

On Feb 13, 2008, at 5:03 PM, Theresa ((Terry)) Smith wrote:

Good 'Merican manufacturing...takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'
;-) ts

Linen Barn <linen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
LOL This is getting good and I am not sure I should admit this to the general AMAYA public :) I am a little embarrased to let this happen as I should have been back there for maintenance a month ago but got busy and I want to use my stupidity to show everyone just how important regular maintenance is so enjoy.

I am pretty certain I had a Madeira cone on #9 or #12 needle and these tall cones tend to let thread off cause of the vibration. I think it vibrated enough to drop down into the gears and cam and once the cam got ahold of it it started wrapping up. I never noticed it doing this so I have no idea how long it has been like this or how long I ran it this way. The machine seemed to have more thread breaks than normal about 3 weeks ago so I assume thats about when this happened and since then we ran around 175 caps and dozens of twills on this machine so its amazing that it was running and didn't cause damage. I am so thankful Rod happened to be in the area and found my problems cause he saved me lots of money.

Anyways, thats my best guess on what happened but I don't know for sure. Rod even said this is one of the stranger situations he has seen in his travels working on machines. The amazing thing is there was no thread causght up in the drive gear or in the gears on the back side of the needle case that the drive gear runs. Was just the cam and the surrounding area.

Aaron Sargent
The Linen Barn
Medford, OR
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That has to be one of the more amazing things I have ever seen associated with these machines Aaron!

Were you using that color on something or was it just getting sucked thru somehow.

Cool pics!

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From: "Linen Barn" <linen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [amayausers.com] New place to store thread

Thought some of you might enjoy this. Rod and Sharon are here for a friendly visit (havent got the bill yet so its still friendly) and Rod found where I have been storing my Dark Green thread. There must have been half a spool wrapped up in the cam of the machine. Here are some pics.

Aaron Sargent
The Linen Barn
Medford, OR
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Subject: [amayausers.com] Re: Holes in tshirts


These are around $7-8 but they are nice and heavy (8 oz.) http:// www.camberusa.com/max-weight.asp

Carhartts are 6.75 oz  www.carhart.com

Aaron Sargent
The Linen Barn
Medford, OR
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Hey Roland!! Debbie here! What tees are 7oz. besides Port Authority and Gildan? I have searched for a really heavyweight tee (even though many of them call their shirt a heavyweight, they aren't). Thanks!!!!!
Debbie Rinehart
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Subject: [amayausers.com] Re: Holes in tshirts

Because teeshirts are the absolute worst garbage material you can think
of embroidering on...most shops won't even touch them.
You need several layers of 3 oz. backing just to get a stable base...
standard teeshirts are only 5.5 to 6.5 oz. material, decent 100% cotton
heavyweights might be 7 oz., and some of the real good premium weight
shirts can be 8 oz.
But it is not a pique knit or poplin, heavy weave material-it's a lightweight
fabric that just isn't made for embroidery.
You have to back off on density-the needle is making the holes, the thread is
tightening up and exposing it-and the material
itself will rip easily, very very easily, so after you've punched a hundred holes in a half inch area for embroidery-then the thread tightens up and pulls it in...
instant hole!
I won't do teeshirts. Period!
Just not worth embroidering on anything that costs LESS than the thread
price to sew on it.
The only way around it is a ton of backing-then it looks and feels like you
have a patch sewn on the inside of the shirt and is very noticeable.

My opinion...

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On Feb 12, 2008, at 11:52 AM, Darlene Weber wrote:

Can anyone give me some ideas as to why I get holes in tshirts when I am stitching lettering on them???


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