[amayausers] Re: New Rollers - thread not staying in the groove

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Is there a trick for getting the rollers and covers in?  Angle it this way
or that way??  I have never had a problem snapping in the old ones but,
these new ones are more difficult.  It is very hard to get the rollers in
and they do make a snapping sound.  But, we still get the thread popping out
after a short run.  Then getting the covers on are even more tricky, it
seems you always have to go from left to right since they overlap.  
If anyone has some "Hints" on these I would appreciate it very much.  I am
about ready to put the old ones back in but, now I don't have enough of them
to have a full set.  I am sure it is a learning curve.  I just had it down
how to get the old ones in and knew the right way to aim for the covers.  I
am looking for the same thing on the new ones.


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This can happen if the plastic cover that covers the thread feed roller is
not properly installed. If it is not securely snapped into place and locked
in at both the top and bottom of the cover, then it could pop loose and
causing the red pinch roller to then ride up on it , looseing the thread
momentarily and then what you have described will happen. 
I can't say for sure that this is what your problem is without more
information but this is the first thing that I would suspect is going on. It
has happened to me a couple of times and both times it  was because the
plastic thread feed roller cover had popped loose.
Someting to check and be aware of anyway........
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Subject: [amayausers] New Rollers - thread not staying in the groove

We just installed our first set of the new rollers yesterday.  Starts out
fine but, after an hour or so the thread will not stay under the roller or
in the groove.  It comes out, feeds way too much thread through and then
sucks the garment down into the needle plate.  We are using a design that we
have run thousands of times on the same garment and it keep happening after
a few hours.  We have inspected the rollers and there doesn't seem to be any
grooves and it looks perfectly fine.  

What we are doing now is changing the thread position every time this starts
to happen.  Anyone else seen this or do we have something wrong?

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