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I'll chime in here.....I've taken my machine to 2 business showcases both  
without incident. As long as you're careful (read 2 people using handles to  
move) I think you'll be fine. As for time, maybe 1/2 hour to load and  another 
1/2 to unload and setup (times 2). I'd charge $100 show time (so if I'm  there 
hours, $400). This would translate to 6 hours of work for $400 ($66+ per  
hour). Also consider travel time! Plus you get the added benefit of getting 
name out (bring lots of business cards). Always have something stitching, the 
 running machine is a great crowd attraction--maybe a tote with a larger hoop 
so  you can remove it mid-run, use your 15cm hoops to do names and then 
reload the  tote design during slow periods. 
Of course bring extra bobbins, backing (find out what kind of shirts  they're 
providing), needles, scissors, oil, brush, etc.
Also, I would have 2 or 3 choices for fonts (too many is not good) and  limit 
yourself to the colors you have on the machine. You might consider  printing 
the font sheets and placing them in plastic sleeves so people can  see what 
all the letters look like in the fonts you offering (You could stitch  them out 
but that's more time consuming). 
It sounds like a half-day gig so I'd go for it!
Dorothy  Compton
Bee Embroidered
_www.BeeEmbroidered.com_ (http://www.beeembroidered.com/) 
(916)  635-7467
Rancho Cordova, CA
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I was asked to take one of my Amayas to an event to embroider  shirts on
site.  Does anyone do this?  Are there any issues in  doing this that I need
to be aware of?  They want to pay a fixed for 4  hours of embroidering.  They
provide the shirts.  Any thoughts on  what to charge?  Thanks.

David Sklar
Arlington,  VA

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