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Dear Carolyn,
Our salesrep is Terry Loftis and he has mastered moving the XT around.  He has 
a cart that the legs fold up underneath, like an ambulance cart.  He moves the 
machine into a Trail Blazer size vehicle and it pushes in.  If using that size 
car you have to remove the thread tree by unscrewing the tree.  The tubes stay 
in place as you turn the tree around.  He has a piece of plywood that sits on 
top of the arms that the tree will sit upon.  This is kept in place with bungie 
cords.  He then wraps the tree in place with plactic wrap so it doesn't jiggle. 
 That is what you can do if you don't have a trailer to haul the complete 
machine in.  It's cheap and it works.


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