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I'm wondering if the 'dryer sheet' trick is a temporary fix for static 
electricity? Our tech showed us how bad ours gets-winter is the worst when 
humidity is low. Dangle a 12" piece of thread from your fingers and move it 
towards your needle head-and watch it. We had it sticking almost straight out 
once it got within a couple of inches-like a kid's hair in a school science 
project. He showed us how that can affect thread tension, breaks, etc. because 
the thread will 'drag' across the rollers and such. So the machine has to be 
grounded well. Has anyone tried putting their Amaya on those 'antistatic' floor 
mats (Staples, Office Depot, etc.?) and did it work? On my plotters, we had to 
wire in a direct ground line from the machine chassis to the ground screw on 
the outlet box and that cured it there-static was building up enough to cause 
the 'internal computer' to go crazy. I wouldnt be surprised if the Amaya can 
have the same problems-a couple little St Elmo sparks dancing aroun
 d on your mother board could raise havoc.


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