[amayausers] Re: Melco / Amaya clamping system

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  • Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 23:50:07 -0500

I have the SlimLine clamp also and did an order of knit hats last week with no 

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  I have the new "SlimLine Clamping System" from Melco. In my humble opinion, 
this device is meant for (and works very well) for items such as Carhartts and 
gym bags, etc. It would not work very well on items that are not very, very 
stable. Don't acquire one thinking it will take the place of a 9/12/15 cm hoop.

  Royal Embroidery
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    Hey Roland,

    In your email reply, you said "The new hoop clamp system would be perfect 
for this-cut down your hooping
    time to mere seconds and easier to line up straight."

    Is there a website that I could see this clamp in action?

    Ron Thompson
    Poke-Me Signs
    (408) 254-2044
    San Jose, CA 

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