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Re: [amayausers] Melco / Amaya clamping systemJust got off the phone with 
Hooptech. Super nice people. A few items to be aware of with this product. 
1. The gritty material that is stuck to the base portion will come loose if you 
store the clamp in the open position, always store it closed.
2. This device does not tension your garments as a regular hoop does.  You get 
a heavy (thick ) top window  and a lighter stainless top window. The heavy one 
provides no tension at all. It just clamps down on the item. The lighter one 
does give you a little tension but in my opinion not enough to adequately 
prepare a stretchy item for embroidery. 

I got a call from one of my competitors last week seeking a bail out. They were 
doing Carhartts, just above the pocket. Small design with fairly heavy complex 
fill. Turns out they had broken all their plastic hoops trying to keep the 
jackets in them. SLIMLINE Clamp to the rescue. Was skeptical about this product 
but now would give it an excellent endorsement. (Thank you Haven Fry).

Royal Embroidery

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  I think you meant to say "Hoop-tech" is the company that manufactures the 
clamping system hoop for Melco.  Hoopmaster makes a hooping assistant for 
hooping shirts and such.  It's made of plastic and is blue and white in color.  
But you are right,..  no hoop burns with ole' yellow!  (The hoop is painted 
yellow)  Funny though, they paint the hooptech hoop a real pretty blue for 
Tajima machines.  Guess I could always take mine out back and hit it with a can 
of Krylon.

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    The Melco hoop is the same as the Hoopmaster-I think it's made by 
them....melco site doesn't show anything-the Hoopmaster site does.
    Limitations are the only problem-you can't slide something like a jacket 
into the clamp-because of the 'hinge' you can only a short distance 'into' or 
on an item-but for adding names, small 'pocket' logo, etc. you go sideways-over 
the zipper and just flip the design. For knit hats (I'm still trying to figure 
out what settings to use on those) scarfs, blankets, totes-so far its great! 
Just open the clamp, slide on a backing sheet, slide the tote or whatever in 
place, and clamp it down-all done right on the machine. About 20 seconds or so 
to do it.
    I may have 300 wedding napkins to do in the future-this would be perfect-no 
hoop burn, no lineup-just slide it on and sew!

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      Hey Roland,

      In your email reply, you said "The new hoop clamp system would be perfect 
for this-cut down your hooping
      time to mere seconds and easier to line up straight."

      Is there a website that I could see this clamp in action?

      Ron Thompson

      Poke-Me Signs
      (408) 254-2044
      San Jose, CA 

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