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In your first post, you ask.........Please help! Also does anyone experience 
problems with Design SHop running on a computer with Vista.

Visa....not very popular....it does still have it's issues....and yes, other 
folks do have issues with Visa.

Try this....."Right Click" on the 3D icon in the toolbar and uncheck the 
"Hardware Acelleration" function. I have seen many times where this feature is 
interferring with DS/OS operations. It has someting to do with the video cards 
etc.....worth a try....unless you are going to run some highend video games on 
your computer, this feature is not needed.....

If I may make a suggestion.....this is a process of elimination. I would 
suggest that you load your software in a different computer that is not Vista 
if at all possible and see if the problems still persist.. 

Also, make sure that all firewalls and/or virus programs are disabled prior to 
installing the OS/DS software. Also, Make sure that OS/DS is the LAST programs 
loaded. Loading other programs such as AI or Corel Draw on top of OS/DS may 
interfer with it's operation as the registry may be changed/shared, etc......

As far as the trimmers are concerned, this is a complex issue with a great many 
varibles that can affect it's function. Exit points on the column, stitch 
lengths, MACHINE LUBRICATION, knife condition, hook timing, Z axis timing, 
selector/cutter position, trimmer housing position, bobbin tension and the list 
goes on.....

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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