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I have this problem VERY sporadically (thank goodness!).  It generally starts 
up after I have to depress and release the emergency stop button because the 
green start button won't start the machine because the gremlins are playing.  
Once I get two missed trims, I note the stitch number, shut everything down, 
make some tea, and start everything back up.  I have been VERY fortunate so far 
in that it has always trimmed after that without a problem.

I remember a while back some discussion about the up arrow and left arrow on 
the keypad -- pressing the two of them at the same time, which makes the 
machine reset itself.  I tried it, and got nowhere.  

When the XT gets tempermental, I treat it like a kid with a temper tantrum.  
Put it to bed and ignore it for a bit.  It would be wonderful if the 
programmers could come up with a subroutine to clear up THAT TEMPER!


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