[amayausers] Re: Lost height adjusters

  • From: Holly Strike <strikesystems@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 09:16:04 -0800 (PST)

Ed, actually, since we bought the machine from a
previous owner they were already missing!  But since I
wasn't their for the delivery and setup originally, I
had no idea they were even missing.  But there's a new
sheriff in town now, and I'm getting things right from
the get go!

Anyways thanks to your post I knew to look for them
when we lifted up the machine and sure enough the back
two were gone... yikes... as far as I can tell she was
sewing fine without them, but it clearly isn't the way
it should be... maybe she'll even sew better after I
get them...

I'm going to follow up with Melco, and make sure I get
the right person on the other end, I should be able to
get some (according to a previous Melco tech from
virginia - thanks for the voicemail on that by the

Thanks again for the help... 
Peter Strike
Indianapolis, IN
--- "E. Orantes" <e3m@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Peter,
>       Didn't I tell you not to lose any of the four round
> plastic height
> adjusters?!?!?  :) (see below)
>       Or did you not have all four to begin with.  Can't
> say I'm met any
> customers with extra spares lying around.  Everybody
> simply gets four per
> machine.  Have you tried retracing your steps? 
> Could they still be in the
> vehicle?  You really don't need them if you place
> your machine on a table.
> Make sure it's sturdy though.  24" off the ground
> will put your machine at
> the same height as the cart.  Of course then that
> would be a $400 wasted
> cart you had purchased.  I'm sure Melco will be able
> to set you straight -
> for a small price I'm sure.
> Good luck,
> Ed
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> Subject: RE: [amayausers] transporting the Amaya...
> Peter,
>       Do not transport the Amaya on it's black plastic
> base.  The machine is top
> heavy and would be likely to fall over. Your
> Suburban should be just fine.
> Just underneath the white metal casting and just
> above the black plastic
> base are four locations for your hands when lifting.
>  Two on the right side
> for one person and two on the left side for another.
>  Two semi strong men
> are all that's needed to lift and walk to the
> Suburban.  It might help you
> locate if you remove the large plastic table top. 
> Just pull straight up
> with a slight jerk and then remove forward.  You
> should see the small
> rectangular indentations under the metal casting
> where your hands go.
>       Do not lose the four round plastic height adjusters
> as they sometimes stick
> to the spongy feet of the Amaya and fall off as you
> walk.  They just sit in
> their cup holder like positions atop the black
> plastic base.  If you find
> the machine is still too tall for the vehicle you're
> using, you can remove
> all the thread spools off the machine and push the
> metal thread tubes down
> to a lower position.  Don't push so far that you
> push them out.  Just make
> sure you leave a long length of thread behind to tie
> the spools back on when
> you're ready to replace.  You don't want to
> re-thread the machine by hand.
>       If you can, strap the machine down incase you have
> to swerve.  Watch out
> for pot holes, train tracks and small animals. 
> Don't drive too fast and put
> your hazard lights on.  You can't be too careful.
>       Again, don't transport the machine on the plastic
> base with wheels.
> Good Luck,
> Ed
> Ed & Maralien Orantes
> E.M. Broidery
> 900 Terry Parkway, Ste. 200
> New Orleans, La. 70056
> 504-EMBROID ery (504-362-7643)
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> Subject: [amayausers] Re: cheap foamy veterans
> hats...
> Hi all,
> Thanks for all the help.  I wanted to give you an
> update...
> My email has been down, so I haven't been able to
> reply.  But the
> transporting of the amaya went smoothly.  I realized
> (before we even moved
> it) that we're missing two levelling "feet" (and
> Melco doesn't seem to
> have a reorder item number for it - ughh!).  Can any
> of you techs get
> access to just 2 of these?  They are the four things
> that the machine sits
> on where the machine meets the cart.
> Also, the cheap foamy hats were Sanmar's trucker
> hats... and the logo
> ended up only being script lettering... sewed out
> like a champ... no
> thread breaks to speak of... I was testing the
> machine at intervals of 500
> spm at a time from 800 then up... I kept going, one
> hat at a time, and
> going up, and going up until she was sewing at 1200
> spm!!!  There were no
> more thread breaks than there were at 800 spm.  Wow,
> and I thought I'd
> have to run the hats slower... but not these hats...
> they behaved well.
> Just one sheet tearaway worked fine.
> That's the update...  any help on 2 leveling feet is
> appreciated...
> thanks,
> Peter Strike
> Indianapolis, IN
> 317525-3242
> > These foam front hats are popular with the youth. 
> My son's band does the
> > red, white and blue ones from SanMar - embroiders
> on the front and sells
> > them for $15 at the shows and they always sell
> out!
> >
> > I make them do their own merchandise, during our
> downtimes, so they can
> > keep
> > all the profit (of course I have an agreement that
> should they ever hit it
> > BIG, we do all their merchandise).
> >
> > Kelly
> > For Heavens Sake
> >
> >
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