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Maybe it has something to do with the "motion of the ocean".  You know, like
a boat on the water moves with the waves.  Otherwise the water would tear
the boat apart?  I'm reaching here.

I do recall one customer who chose not to buy the carts for their Amaya's
and made a very heavy table out of 2x4's and very thick plywood and decided
to put the savings towards a higher level of software.  He had no table
issues to speak of.
Although my Amaya's are affixed upon their ebony perches.  The easy rolling
wheel makes for easy cleaning on her backside and underneath.

Ed & Maralien Orantes
E.M. Broidery
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New Orleans, La. 70056
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Just as a bit of information we were given while attending Tech Training,
the Amaya machines were designed to sit on their stand (with all the
movement when they rock and roll).  Someone had actually built a steel stand
or table to place their machine on and had all kinds of problems with the
machine.  It turns out that once the machine was placed back on the cart,
all problems went away.  Why?  I don't know!  Just wanted to pass that story
on to you.
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> Peter,
> Didn't I tell you not to lose any of the four round plastic height
> adjusters?!?!?  :) (see below)
> Or did you not have all four to begin with.  Can't say I'm met any
> customers with extra spares lying around.  Everybody simply gets four per
> machine.  Have you tried retracing your steps?  Could they still be in the
> vehicle?  You really don't need them if you place your machine on a table.
> Make sure it's sturdy though.  24" off the ground will put your machine at
> the same height as the cart.  Of course then that would be a $400 wasted
> cart you had purchased.  I'm sure Melco will be able to set you straight -
> for a small price I'm sure.
> Good luck,
> Ed
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> Peter,
> Do not transport the Amaya on it's black plastic base.  The machine is top
> heavy and would be likely to fall over. Your Suburban should be just fine.
> Just underneath the white metal casting and just above the black plastic
> base are four locations for your hands when lifting.  Two on the right
> for one person and two on the left side for another.  Two semi strong men
> are all that's needed to lift and walk to the Suburban.  It might help you
> locate if you remove the large plastic table top.  Just pull straight up
> with a slight jerk and then remove forward.  You should see the small
> rectangular indentations under the metal casting where your hands go.
> Do not lose the four round plastic height adjusters as they sometimes
> to the spongy feet of the Amaya and fall off as you walk.  They just sit
> their cup holder like positions atop the black plastic base.  If you find
> the machine is still too tall for the vehicle you're using, you can remove
> all the thread spools off the machine and push the metal thread tubes down
> to a lower position.  Don't push so far that you push them out.  Just make
> sure you leave a long length of thread behind to tie the spools back on
> you're ready to replace.  You don't want to re-thread the machine by hand.
> If you can, strap the machine down incase you have to swerve.  Watch out
> for pot holes, train tracks and small animals.  Don't drive too fast and
> your hazard lights on.  You can't be too careful.
> Again, don't transport the machine on the plastic base with wheels.
> Good Luck,
> Ed
> Ed & Maralien Orantes
> E.M. Broidery
> 900 Terry Parkway, Ste. 200
> New Orleans, La. 70056
> 504-EMBROID ery (504-362-7643)
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> Subject: [amayausers] Re: cheap foamy veterans hats...
> Hi all,
> Thanks for all the help.  I wanted to give you an update...
> My email has been down, so I haven't been able to reply.  But the
> transporting of the amaya went smoothly.  I realized (before we even moved
> it) that we're missing two levelling "feet" (and Melco doesn't seem to
> have a reorder item number for it - ughh!).  Can any of you techs get
> access to just 2 of these?  They are the four things that the machine sits
> on where the machine meets the cart.
> Also, the cheap foamy hats were Sanmar's trucker hats... and the logo
> ended up only being script lettering... sewed out like a champ... no
> thread breaks to speak of... I was testing the machine at intervals of 500
> spm at a time from 800 then up... I kept going, one hat at a time, and
> going up, and going up until she was sewing at 1200 spm!!!  There were no
> more thread breaks than there were at 800 spm.  Wow, and I thought I'd
> have to run the hats slower... but not these hats... they behaved well.
> Just one sheet tearaway worked fine.
> That's the update...  any help on 2 leveling feet is appreciated...
> thanks,
> Peter Strike
> Indianapolis, IN
> 317525-3242
> > These foam front hats are popular with the youth.  My son's band does
> > red, white and blue ones from SanMar - embroiders on the front and sells
> > them for $15 at the shows and they always sell out!
> >
> > I make them do their own merchandise, during our downtimes, so they can
> > keep
> > all the profit (of course I have an agreement that should they ever hit
> > BIG, we do all their merchandise).
> >
> > Kelly
> > For Heavens Sake
> >
> >
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