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I have Live Designer and my sales have gone way down because of it. Luckily I 
do this part-time and have a full-time job. User's are confused how to order 
and what they are ordering. I think there are about 5 shirts that have the 
brand name with the item. The only way to change it is to delete the item and 
recreate it. And Melco charges another fee for the dongle to do that. There are 
many issues with Live Designer right now and Melco won't listen to their 
customers. You can not set a minimum order plus you have to do the digitizing 
before a customer places the order. (And hope they order! I have digitized a 
bunch of logo's after they create an account and tell me they want it then 
never hear from the customer again.) If a customer wants a T-shirt with the 
name 'Bob' on it, the T-shirt is $7 plus $1 for the name. ($1 comes from $1 per 
thousand stitches at 1000 stitches. You can not set a minimum price.) How much 
money will you make off of this? NOTHING! I'm looking into sever
 al other options now.


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