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  • From: "A Golden Stitch/John and Mary Kyler" <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 16:39:52 -0700

Just a reminder to everyone...
This list is here to promote help and ask questions specific to the Amaya
and embroidery. Personal attacks against any member or against Melco or any
distributer are not allowed. The Moderators have the final say in
determining if a  post is meant as an attack.  Leave all derogatory comments
out of your posts. Debate is welcome and encouraged, but "healthy" debate
does not include negative personal comments. Facts, personal experiences,
and information are considered healthy debate.  This line was created to
help users and encourage good will. And even provide a quasi support
network.  But it has become pretty negative and we need to try to help and
not complaine.
I only bring this up as I have been contacted by one of the long time
members of the list with concerns.

John Kyler
A Golden Stitch

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