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I'm trying to get a standard font for a customer to do repeat personalizing for 
his customers.  They'd like to see an italic font.  So, I'm experimenting and 
wondering if anyone can give me pointers on this.
What size do you consider "Small" lettering??
I need to get a good bold beefy italic font to use regularly for a customer for 
personalizing the items they sell. (will be adding the person's name to a 
sporting item)
I'm currently experimenting with the font "Monotype Corsiva". I prefer to use 
the Melco alphabets, but couldn't find a nice italic font that looks better 
than this one. the customer likes this one also.
So, with that font I'm trying to adjust the column width & pull compensation 
and density. The letter height I have is .60, so I'm not sure what density I 
should use.


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