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We just paid off our lease on our Big Red...originally financed through Beacon 
Funding, but they sold the lease to another company. We set it up with a good 
deposit ($850, two months payments), and took the $1.00 buyout option.
Here's what we want to warn you all about...3 months before end of lease, we 
called to double check on the final month and the last payment amount. The 
company that we had been making payments to never mentioned the downpayment, 
just told us when the lease was up. Wouldn't give us the final total last 
payment-so my wife called them again when the next to last payment was due-and 
was told 'they would call back' so she didn't make the payment on time.
Before the final payment was due, I called again and demanded a written amount 
to pay for the buyout. This time we got a bunch of gobbledegook...AND a 
'transaction fee' of $75, a lay payment fee of $62.40, and more fees...and they 
still wanted a final payment. WE pulled out our original lease contract-and 
there it was...NO transaction fee, and also-we had TWO months of payments in 
their hands when they charged us the 'late fee' their operator caused...even 
though we could have called in the lease at that point as being paid in full! 
SO CHECK YOUR LEASE PAPERWORK IN FULL Before you get to your final payment-if 
the lease (like ours) was 'sold' to another company (if you have been making 
payments to another company-then yes, your lease was sold). IF there is NO 
mention of 'transaction fee'-protest it-don't pay it. And if you have the final 
two months of payments as a deposit, call it in-ask that the lease be closed 
Took us a few phone calls but we finally got everything except the 'late 
payment' fee back to us.


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