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As the computer guru of the group, each one has it's advantages and 
disadvantages. Keep in mind DesignShop version 9 runs on both Vista and XP.
I run DesignShop on both my laptop and desktop and move the dongle over.
The big advantage laptops have is they are portable. If you plan on doing shows 
with it, I would suggest getting an external monitor as well so the customers 
see what you see without moving your laptop around and having the customer 
putting their grubby hands all over your computer. This is very helpful because 
if they are touching buttons the keyboard, it could mess up your design. Plus 
many shows sell food and you don't want someone spilling something on your 
computer. You can still buy Windows XP new from Dell.
As far as desktops go, you are much more flexible on 'customizing' it when you 
buy it. It also has several advantages
1) Faster hard drive speed (laptop speed is 5400rpm) desktop are 7200rpm and 
some are up to 10,000rpm. Some high end laptops (very expensive) do come with 
7200rpm hard drives.
2) Faster processor on desktops
3) Better video cards - I think the maximum on laptops is 256k except for high 
end ones which have 512mb while desktops is up to 1gb (You really don't need 
more than 256k for DesignShop) but if you Corel Draw or PhotoShop, the 512mb is 
4) Desktops usually hold more memory - I wouldn't get less than 1gb of memory. 
(The more the better) There have been some issues with DesignShop if you run 
less than 1gb

If you go the desktop route, I would suggest getting dual monitors again. (This 
requires a video card that supports dual monitors - easy to find)
I support several thousand Dell's at my full-time job and don't really keep up 
with other brands but Dell's Outlet can save you a couple hundred dollars and 
you get the same warrenty as a new one. The past 6 computers I bought from Dell 
are all from Outlet. I only had a problem with one and Dell sent me a new video 
card, no charge.


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