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I had a problem earlier today, which I was able to solve by re-installing 
software (I had recently upgraded to Corel Draw X4) so now that "challenge" has 
been met but replaced itself with another.

I was asked to do the 20,000,000 maintenance and did everything up to removing 
the black cover, greasing the presser cam follow and replacing the black cover. 
 However I'm thinking that I didn't make sure that the presser foot was 
released before pressing "ok" for the machine to move to the next maintenance 

When I moved to the next step, it said that something blocked movement and 
maintenance would be cancelled.  

Needle 1 is down (I have removed the actual needle, but the arm is down) and if 
I try to hit "Head Up" under maintenance the error reads "Color change stepper 
index error - off index while sewing."  

I looked up that error string in the archives and have already blown the heck 
out of everything behind the needle case.  

In Maintenance/Sensors the following show to be "Blocked":

Y Axis Home
Z Axis Index & Safe
Color Change Index

Everything else on that screen shows to be Open.

I really don't feel that I have a bad sensor, but think that the machine 
registered a block when the presser foot wasn't released after replacing the 
black cover and I don't know how to bring it out of it's misery.

Anyone - Buhler - Anyone...  I am dead in the proverbial water.



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