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ISS Atlanta

Yes there are classes
I will not be attending or teaching.
But there are some fine instructors there and we do have distributors there
Let me know what you are looking for and who is teaching
Tom Moore is amongst the best as is Frank Gawronski in their respective fields 
and both are good friends
Pls feel free to run any of the classses or instructors by me I will certainly 
help steer you towards the best
Jimmy Lamb is pretty good also

I have to be home to baby sit our new fish
We are proud parents to 2-5,000 rianbow trout breeding in our lake 

After 10 yrs w 3 pumps our fish are breeding
I will be handing out thousands of cigarillos at NNEP Nashville
Pls send baby fish clothes embroidered with Cloud Cover Stitch over the 
embroidery to protect their slimy skin.



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