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This message was posted by Nevi on AmayaUsers.com. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY VIA 
EMAIL. Instead, respond to the thread on the WEBSITE by clicking here: 


Join at the link above today... It's FREE!
Is new technology important to your business? Does it matter that you're able 
to present clients with design capability that competitors find difficult to 

Share,share..Share the link with other interested embroiderers. 

Join the fun..join the forum..Share the widgets, post to Facebook etc, email 
video or pix to friends...If you enjoy the widgets, you can embed any of the 
code in your sites, and get updated feeds as photos,and video updates.Create 
your own pages and share your own photos, pictures. You a social butterfly?? 
Use the Chat feature to get with your embroidery friends anytime.

For anyone thats interested in the forthcoming I-Cliqq Embroidery Software demo 
version, we've created a forum in advance. You can join up, and be IN 
early..when the download is available, be first to test it. Limited time 
downloads...so be first to get it!! Its the place to let fly with all your 
comments of what you like..what you'd love to see or anything of a positive 

If embroidery software, high level functioning with the bells and whistles 
interests you, and you really want function at more affordable prices, then you 
won't want to miss the first appearance of I-Cliqq across the globe.

Do you think you've seen all the world first technology out there?? Do you 
wonder how you'll afford new technology in a pressing economy? Do you think 
upgrade prices you pay now are exorbitant and not all they're cut out to be?? 
Do high interest rates on your software purchases knock  your business down? Do 
you wish your software level had MORE??

These are things we all consider as small businesses..why, even big businesses 
are cutting to the bone to stay afloat.

If you're not able to get the demo..don't say we didn't tell you...If you don't 
enter valid details, and you happen to be a beneficiary of any winnings or 
event opportunity, your entry will be deemed invalid if not matching. 

Join in early, and you may be in line to WIN in our forthcoming exciting 
competition. Why pay when you can take a shot at owning I-CLIQQ by having some 
fun and perhaps WINNING???

News on functions, features, competitions, introductory specials, pricing, 
levels and more will all be found in the forum closer to release...you have to 
be INIT to KNOW! There's no real need to wait though..you can do interesting 
fun stuff with friends within that forum.


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