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Okay, I have to jump in and ask...how large is this design (inches) and why 
does someone want it on a teeshirt? At the usual rate of $1 per thousand 
stitches-you have $160 design going on a $2.99 shirt...so I'm really curious! 
The largest design I have ever done was around 90,000 stitches and that was a 
full jacket back. Teeshirt material is pretty much the absolute worst material 
to sew on...because even your backing material is thicker than the shirt. 
Puckering is almost an absolute 'given'...because the material isn't dense 
enough to keep the stitching from pulling tight. That's where your pucker comes 
from. So you have to create a balance of less density, looser thread, and 
digitizing so that your sewout doesn't have large areas with the fill going in 
one direction-this 'pushes' the shirt ahead of the presser foot and also 
creates 'puckering' and a shift in the pattern.
Your outline problem-in your digitizing, the 'centerline' of your outline 
should be slightly inside the outer edge of the part getting the outline-and 
then you 'expand' the width depending on how the sewout reacts with the 
material. So if your material is being pulled 'in' because of dense sewout, you 
need to move the outline in to compensate. OR, use the pull comp to 'push' 
(expand) the fill area 'out' to the outline. THe amaya doesn't 'see' what 
happens to material that shifts and puckers-it just keeps sticking the needle 
in where it is supposed to go if the material was perfectly flat and didn't 
move a micron.


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