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I can see several problems.

1. Your design is way, way, way too stitch intensive for a light wt t-shirt!!!

2.  Was that tear-away you are using?  Not for a knit fabric!  Use a heavy 
(because of the massive stitch count) cut away.  Always use cut away for knits.

3. Look up "pull compensation" in the help files.  That is a very big subject!  

4.  You can get a good "no-show" iron-on at American Embroidery Supple.  But 
that is not going to be enough for your big design.  You will also need a 
regular heavy wt cut-away under that.  And, yes, you will need either the 
iron-on or glue it on.  Otherwise you see what happens!

5. Fred Lebow can probably tell you exactly what you need.  He is the expert on 

6. Just MHO, but a thin t-shirt just is not the media for a huge design like 
you have.  Get a very nice garment that will last a long time.

I am sure others will add their 2 cents, but this will get you started.

Juli in Kona


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