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First, you didn't mention the type of backing you are using
Alan: I am using 1.5 TA backing

How many stitches are in your design? 165,880

What kind of pull comp do you have?
Alan: I do not know what a pull comp is...

Did you try spraying the t to the stabilizer as t's tend to move a little and 
spraying them to the stabilizer helps a great deal or use 
iron on no show mesh 
Alan: What is a good "Iron on no show mesh"?

Depending on your stitch count.
Alan: May I ask what the break down for stitch count woul be, for when Iron on 
is go or no go?

Are you using the actifeed and if so what is it set on?
Alan: I am using the actifeed, Now..

The questions that you asked alone helped alot. If you can answer mine I will 
be closer to the goal..

By the way I posted another question this evening regarding my fills not making 
it to the outlines. The fills look fine when I zoon in on DS. but thay are 
willy nilly off by up to 3/8 inch away from the border lines in some areas. Any 

Thank You Much,
Coach Al..


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