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You cannot assume that what you are seeing is "poor digitizing", in your 
specific case. The gaps in this design may not be from poor digitizing. It is 
more probable that it is a loss of or a corruption of file information that is 
taking place in the "conversion" process from an Expanded(EXP, DST, etc) file 
format taking place when you do a "wireframe" conversion to it.

This is always an issue when converting to wireframe. It is also why I advise 
folks to only wireframe just the portion of the design they need to edit and 
not the entire design. Fill patterns or other key aesthetic features of designs 
can be drasticly altered when converting to wireframe. It does make the 
elements eaiser to edit in wireframe, but beware of the consequences involved. 

I have looked at a lot of designs sent in CND file format and most of them just 
look like wireframed DST or EXP files.

To create a fill, just use one of your "Complex fill tools". Go into your help 
section and watch some of the video clips in Ver 9 to see how to do this....

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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