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I have placed a photo out on one of the websites I created. This is not my 
website, but I am pretty sure Captain rick wont mind me creating a page for 
sharing an Image with pals.

Here is a good question... Do the Digitizers at digitizingmart.com do each of 
these points one at a time or are they area's that have a fill of some sort. I 
have figured out how to do 'Normal, Walk Type fills. Here is a screen shot to 
support my question.
How was this section created? One I turned it into a Wireframe I was hundreds 
of stitch markers. Do they use Auto Digitizing, Some fill technique.. Actually 
i do not care what they do, can someone let me know the fastest way to create 
these Walk Type Fills? 
SEE PHOTO:  http://bodegabaysportfishing.com/coach_Al.asp 



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