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I used the folks from digitizingmart for the design, I have learned a ton from 
just reverse engineering their work. From what I can tell most of the gaps are 
from poor digitizing. When I look at the graphical display in both the AMAYA V9 
OS and Design Shop Pro+ the gaps do not show up, but when I right 
click>>Operations>>Convert to Wireframe, then scroll through the substitch 
chunks, I see that they have missed many of the areas. SOOOO, the combination 
ot Tshirt, Poor Digitizing, presser foot this and bobbin tension that has led 
to the bottom of a good bottle of wine... I hope to keep in touch as I have 
some questions regarding Digitizing.... Stitch Types and Whatnot.. Like where 
do I learn this stuff.. 

Happy Saturday and God Bless for all the help,



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