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        Sure thing bud.  You know, other than all the police sirens and flashing
lights, the hoop tech system is a really neat device.  I'm glad we bought
one and was cringing all the while I was writing the check.  I think it's a
nice addition to any all around embroidery shop and glad we waited as long
as we did (three years) from when we first started with the Amayas before
purchasing one so that we were very familiar with the Amaya and her
        Melco's stand is that if the needle case ever gets ripped off the front 
the machine, the needle case should probably be replaced completely because
of the precision involved with all the pieces parts.  Meaning that most
techs won't have the equipment necessary in the field to align and calibrate
all new parts that need replacement.  This I can understand although I
personally have had a needle case taken apart down to it's smallest parts
and rebuilt it completely with success.(Knock on plastic)  Of course my past
professions had a great deal to do with my experience.  As I understand it,
a new needle case is priced somewhere around 2 grand.

I'm not trying to scare anyone, just trying to be informative.

Ed Orantes
Amaya Tech, Trainer & Owner
New Orleans, La.

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Thank you for your detailed information about the use of the TCS2 on the
AMAYA.  The detail as you presented  it is exactly what I was searching
for. I do have to come up with a way to do some items that are larger
than the sew field on the AMAYA and I was considering the clamp for the
apparent relative ease of maintaining  registration. I have some other
ideas I'll pursue which should be less traumatic to the Princess and to
my wallet as well.

Thanks again for your objective and complete dialogue.

Rod Swenson
Katbird Creations

E. Orantes wrote:

>On the Hooptech system, at least the larger one, there is a -3 inch offset
>in the Y direction with regard to "hoop center".  If this information is
>entered in when creating a hoop in software, you are asking for trouble.
>What can happen is...  you leave the Hoop tech device clamp open and then
>to standard hoop center, and depending on what needle your needle case is
>on, the handle to the hoop tech device will push into the back of the
>case driving the needle case off it's foundation and rendering the machine
>useless until the needle case can be repaired or replaced by a technician.
>This design flaw is through no fault of Melco or Hoop tech.  Just the
>fact that this is an after market product that was not designed with the
>Amaya in mind.
>Just be sure to work with this device slowly and with certainty of every
>step you take.  Never power up the Amaya with the device on the machine and
>never power down with the device on the machine.  Create a new hoop(s) in
>software to accommodate the device and if you are not sure how to do this,
>educate yourself by someone who does knowing completely that you take full
>responsibility for any and all mishaps that may arise when using this
>device.  This device also needs to be calibrated to your machine as it
>doesn't simply "fit" when you slide it into the hoop arms.  The reason is
>that this device is meant to fit all machines (or most) and has to be
>adjustable accordingly.
>Know that this is a fancy device and it does allow you to sew on a good
>number of items that you otherwise would not be able to sew.  Hence, it
>falls under the category of specialized embroidery and should come with a
>price tag to match.  A little preventive measure in case something terrible
>should happen, say, late at night when you (or one of your employees)
>paying attention to what you are doing and then OOOOOPS!!!!
>As a tech, I've seen the aftermath before, and although it's all
>it's an unnecessary expense that costs way more than the price of the hoop
>tech device, not to mention down time.  You might also void your warranty
>Melco finds out because it's not an authorized Melco device.  Geeze
Louise -
>That's no good!
>Best of luck to all who venture forth with this and all 3rd party after
>market devices!
>Ed Orantes
>Amaya Tech, Trainer & Owner
>New Orleans, LA
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>Hi Rod,
>I did a search using "Hoop Tech" in the search box.  This came up with
>a bit.  Hope that is helpful.  I am following this as I purchased the TSC2.
>Have been using it on my Barudan.  Just tried putting it on my Amaya for
>first time.  I can see there will be some problems with
>clearance.............so I am interested in whatever anyone has to say.
>Peachey Threads
>Embroidery & Digitizing
>It is the Peach
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>Subject: [amayausers] Hooptech clamping system
>I seem to remember a while back there was a discussion of Hooptech clamp
>systems on AMAYA.
>I have searched for it, but I am unable to locate it.
>Does anyone have info they are willing to share?
>Thanks in advance.
>Rod Swenson

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