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the exact message is Y motor tracking error. stops at same place on both machines stitch #4552 My latest version update is #5.07.043 if its a bug can you fix it/ I'll be away from computor for a little while and i'll check back. If you can give me a number I'll be glad to call you, Your a melco tech aren't you?

Best Regards,
Beverly Thompson
Perdido Beach Embroidery

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I am going to jump in here as I think the issue of it stopping with a Y Tracking error has nothing to do with how dense it is. There is a "Bug" or problem with the Amaya when doing long stitches in the Y direction. It will stop and give a Y Tracking Error. The problem has been fixed, but you may still be running an older version of the software that does not have the fix in it.

If you can tell me what stitch number it stops at and gives the error, I can probably fix the design so it will not cause the machine to stop. My first looks at the design, it is probably a problem in some of the long stitches in the detail stitches which are bean type of stitches in the scoop and boom part of the design?

As far as the design being too dense, if you still feel it is too dense, as the Design part is Expanded Stitches, you need to run it through the Expanded Stitch Processor. Depending on what version of software you have, in version 5 it is on the Stitch Processor TAB,, if version 6 software, you go to the Scale TAB in Properties. You want to use the Column Density and Fill Density adjustments. Adjusting the stitches in Expanded elements is a little different than in wire frame objects.

Jeff Banks

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I need input or help with a design if anyone might have time to take a look.

I have sewn this design several times before and it always gives me trouble, I am sewing it out on constructed front hats, when customer calls for a reorder, i almost want to throw up. they always order at least 8 dz hats.

I took a stock design from great notions, a backhoe #52026. This is what they wanted. But its too large so, i scaled it down from 100% to 65%. Then added the lettering to it. The only problem is that it still has to many stitches in it. its to dense. I have run it through the design filter, but maybe i am not doing it right. My machines will stop at the same place and have error message, y tracking error. I go to maintance do head up and then they will continue sewing. I use to have emt-10-t and it would sew it but I feel like its too dense and maybe this is the problem. I will attach the design as i have done it and also the original stock and maybe someone can help me with it. I need to get these hats going and would love to have design run smooth.

Thanks to all, Bev Thompson Perdido Beach Embroidery

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