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The centering of the design in DS is or should be a basic fundamental of 
digitizing. When you start OS, center the hoop, then load the design. Now 
everything is centered. If you are not sure, click the "center design" button. 
Now then, most of us hoop close to center, but not quite perfect. We jog our 
hoops to line up. When you push the go button you have established "origin". If 
you have an issue you can then click the "return to origin" button and the 
machine will reset and go to the center (The original starting position)  it 
had when you pushed the go button. If you note the stitch count at the point of 
your issue you can then use the "move to stitch" function to get back where you 
need to be. Sounds confusing but after you save your behind a few times it 
becomes very clear.

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