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I have used coats, madeira nebs and just about any others you can think of. 
My favorite by far are the NEBS plasticc sided bobbins.  They leave very 
little debis behind, sew all the way until empty and just work great.  Its 
not recommended to use sideless bobbins on the AMAYA but I am sure some 
people do.  The coats paper sided ones work fine too but the NEBS are the 

Of course this is MY opinion, nothing more and nothing less :)

Aaron Sargent
The Linen Barn
Medford, OR
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> Thanks Jeff/Roland,
> With this group going I dont think I will have qualms about buying more
> Amayas.
> I did a 100K Jacket back yeterday while doing my accounts. Had to get out 
> my
> chair about five times for bobbin changes and a birds nest.
> I am using my self wound bobbins at the moment. Are there any brands of
> ready wound bobbins recommend?
> Thanks
> Anand
> Anand,
> One of the changes to the XT is that it does not have the sensors that
> detect color change home and whether the machine is on needle or not. The 
> XT
> does it differently using a Color Change Encoder on the color change 
> motor.
> The Non-XT machines do not have the encoder. Do not look for the sensors,
> they are not there.
> Jeff Banks
> Melco Embroidery Systems

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