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I'm not sure if anyone who has had problems doing hats has tried this... I have 
followed all of the sugestions and video for doing hats.  My low profile Otto 
hats loose registration near the crown of the hat and once the hat does the 
electric slide, well, my son has a new hat...  I finally did 2 things that 
solved all of my thread breaks and registration issues.
1.  I really really put the strap on tight, 2 layers of backing.
2.  I haven't seen anyone suggest this - I used (under the "tools, settings, 
thread feed" tabs the Material Thickness of "9".  All my trouble went away.  
All of them.

I had to do 50 hats and they were taking an hour each with all the tread 
breaks.  Once I made these 2 changes there were not many thread breaks at all.  
Perhaps 1 per hat.  Thats it.  Not sure if it will work for everyone but 
thought it might help.  Very new to all this and love the site and all the tips!


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