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How to hoop hats has bounced around a few times...so here's what I am doing 
this week-put together several helpful hints from everyone and it's working!
I'm running a 5,000 stitch design, 1 3/4 by 3 1/2" wide on Sanmar unstructured 
low crown hats.
Usually a pain and I send them out but too small a quantity this time.
Took the CCF frames, painted the band, teeth, hold down pieces, etc. with a 
plastic like 'Dip' goop made for tool handles. 
Backing- 3 oz. tearaway (precut sheets, very rigid)
Speed- 1000 auto setting.
With the goop on the hoop, I found the backing stayed right where it was put, 
and after the first  line of type sewed down, the face of the hat never moved 
again. The goop on the 'top' part of the hoop held it with no slipping.
Design was set up with bottom line of type first (click on 'sew from center 
out), then the farm animals (logo) above-most of it from the center out. Not 
one single area where a single line satin stitch outline was out of place...not 
one! Usually the hat faces would shift during sewing and outlines wouldn't line 
up. I'm running some of it a 10 or 12 pt stitch..not wide ones!
Hats are first run through my Hat press- 350 degrees, 24 seconds of FIRM 
pressure-more than used for decaling. I put the hat in place, with a paintbrush 
run water down the center seam, and heat it. Hat comes out with the center seam 
flattend AND steamed-needles and thread go through it with ease.
So thanks for all the tips and tricks everyone...we have a winner!
Other than random thread breaks...from none to 3 or 4 per hat max...they are 
running great.



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