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I just did a run of hats for the first time on my XT (new version) and had 
trouble with the caps being popped off the hoop, but I did figure it out. I 
made sure that in Design Shop I selected the XT Extened WACF, brought up the 
grid lines and center lines mirrored the design vertically and horizontally (as 
it would need to be for the cap). Placed the design exactly where I wanted it 
on the hat (I was sewing on a 6 panel low profile) and saved. Then when I 
loaded the design to the machine in OS, I worked out perfectly. I also started 
with the cap frame all the way out towards me before loading the design to the 
machine. Then once I put the cap hoop on with the cap I centered the laser 
horizontally then moved the hoop back to where I needed it and of course did 
the trace.

I have no idea if that made any sense, I just think if you line everything up 
correctly in DS it will work for you in OS. Also, don't mess with the placement 
of the design in OS on the screen (such as hitting the Center Design button), 
that will mess everything up.

Good luck,


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