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Here is the information on the disk tensioner.  It helps very much when used
properly.  The price is $50.00.

Disk Tensioner Option, Wide Angle Driver

Anthony Glass
Amaya Tech & owner

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No you MUST have the wings with the 270s.....
I have no idea on the lubricant point...
And for the tensioners... I still don't have mine so when you find the part
number please post it...
As I do need to get a couple....

John and Mary Kyler from A Golden Stitch, Custom Embroidery
Golden, CO.
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> I forgot to add that we are using the 270 cap frame since we didn't get
> conventional frame with the machine.  Are the suggestions about the wings
> still aplicable?  Also, on the lubrication of the bar, you mean the silver
> bar that attatches to the machine correct?  We have been doing hats on our
> old reliable MC but we now have several hundred to do including one design
> with about a dozen colors.
> We had a service call on this, they checked the needle centering etc., but
> did not mention the wings or lubricating.  They did mention a cap
> that we didn't have.
> Thanks for the info
> Scott
> Stitch Crazy
> Stitchcrazy1@xxxxxxx

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