[amayausers] Re: Floppy Disk Error

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  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 11:39:20 -0700


I do not know who told you that not enough RAM is causing problem with reading from a floppy, information has got to be mis-interpreted and crossed here some how. Perhaps file size may have to do with it, but not he ability to read the information on the floppy disk by the drive, plus Lisa is talking about 2 computers and moving disks from one to the other. You run everything in one computer, (unless you have finally got the other up and running). You are comparing apples to oranges and confusing what Lisa is asking.

Jeff Banks
Melco Embroidery Systems

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I found that since the upgrade on Design Shop and Amaya programs-my computer
no longer has enough ram to operate both correctly. Just a detail that was
not explained in the upgrade....so suddenly we couldn't access the disks
either! So we do have to dump the file onto the harddrive and work from

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