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Going to throw my 2 cents worth in.  I tried to sew some carpet a couple of 
weeks ago.  It had the rubber backing.  The machine sewed through it fine.  My 
problem was with getting the density of the stitching good enough and 
consistent enough to satisfy me.  I ran out of carpet before I accomplished 
that.  I believe it needs a top solvy.  But the normal solvy did not work at 
all.  However I think the fabric solvy that I get from Gunold might work well.  
However, I've not had a chance to try it yet.  Also, you are correct, it's 
impossible to hoop.  I was trying to use fast frames but they really aren't 
right for it.  So I ordered the Slim Line 2 Clamping system with the 12x9 
window and I believe it will probably work.  If I am successful with this prior 
to you trying and being succesful I will post a message about it.  Right now 
I'm backed up for approx 3 weeks, so it will be awhile before I can try again.
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