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Okay, first results in.

I did a sewout with these parameters:
speed: 350 (Maybe too cautious, but it sewed okay and I only needed to do this 
logo design 3 times)
acti-feed: manual, 40 (the carpet is 3/8in)
density: 0.2
Primary underlay: standard
Secondary underlay: standard different angle
Stitching: #4 fill
Backing:2 layers cutaway backing.
Regular poly thread and 75/11 needle

I hooped the backing, then used spray adhesive and strong sewing pins to hold 
the carpet in place along hoop edges. On top I used a heavy-duty Solvy topper 
held in place by pins just catching some rug around the hoop edge.

The test sewout was a big letter A about 2 inches high. 
Results: I got decent thread coverage sewout with frequent thread frazzling and 
false bobbin thread alerts. I used Masterfil thread, then changed to Madeira, 
no diff. 

So I will keep testing.


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