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I did pull the manual but there really isn't a lot that discribes this problem. 
It does say "Call Support", but I was hoping to resolve it myself. I can spin 
the bobbin through the maintenance area and it spins fine. But when I try to 
sew, the bobbin tail just hangs there never being touched or picked up by the 
needle. I got frustrated and pulled the shirt off the machine and turned off 
the power. I am gonna restart the machine and run another test and see if it 
has cleared. If not, then I am still stuck. I did not get to the week long 
coarse at all when I purchased my machine. I am full time military and just 
could not get away, plus I run a laser engraving business too and spend most of 
the time there. I would like to have this issue fixed, but would also consider 
giving someone a great deal on a nearly new machine with Design Shop Pro Plus 
and lots of extras that I paid nearly 20K for.


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