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Well Deb there are mainly 2 opinions about hooping devices...
The do's and the don'ts
I use one and love it... It is no longer made... But there are many out
there that work just as well..
I know someone that has never used a hooper and last I know, has one she
never uses. If you want I can have her get with you on tricks she uses to
hoop on a table.
Now as for Fast Frames  www.fastframes.com  this is a hoop but is used for
bags and otherwise hard to hoop items.
They are about $125.
A Golden Stitch
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Helloo All,

Can you please share your solutions for hooping.  I currently use the Melco
hoops, on a table top, but as an inexperienced embroiderer, I don't feel
confident hooping this way, and it's terrible hard to hoop shirts straight.
Any comments about the Fast Hoops, and is there a Web site that shows these
and their prices?
As always, thanks so much for your help.
Prairie Stitches

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