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Hi promocanuck...I'm another "relative newby" to embroidery...but have many 
years sewing and fabric background.  

Keep in mind, a twill is like denim...it is not woven "straight"' that is, with 
the warp (up and down) threads at 90 degrees to the weft (crosswise).  
Therefore, the fabric will not be as stable.  It will inherently have a stretch 
or "give" in it.    I would recommend you stick it down good to your backing, 
so there is no chance of it moving.  Also, in my observations, pockets are 
often times not straight.  Instructions I have recommend aligning with the 
front edge of the shirt or the buttonholes...that way, the embroidery will be 
straight, even if the pocket is crooked.

Any one else have thoughts?


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