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Thank-you for taking a look.  I'll see if he will redo it.

Beverly Thompson 
Perdido Beach Embroidery
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  I found an absence of tie in stitches at the beginning of all color changes 
which causes the first several stitches to pull out. In the first color I 
didn't see anything that should be causing the columns to loop. The second 
color seems to be the most problematic due to columns stitches that are too 
short and dense. This is where you are probably getting the most thread breaks. 
The third and fourth colors have issues with underlay and a few areas that are 
dense. Software is a tool so it's how well the digitizer uses it that makes the 
most difference. The downside is that your not able to get a wireframe file 
format like OFM that makes it much easier to edit a design.


  Janel Harris

  Dimensonal Designs



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  I know your out there somewhere!  Was wondering if you could look at a design 
for me.  My digitizer did this for me.  I never have any problem with anything 
he does but this design will not sew with out thread breaks.  It also loops at 
the top of the E's and Z like its not tying off or something.  I know this 
company does not use design shop software.  Does that make a difference if a 
design is not digitized through design shop?  I told my guy it was not right 
and he said it was my machine.  If you have time and could look i would be 



  Beverly Thompson

  Perdido Beach Embroidery

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