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The file format that all Melco users prefer is the .OFM format.  This is 
considered the native format to Design Shop. It will contain all the 
information necessary for developing a design including stitch length, density, 
pull comp, column type, fill patterns, walk stitch type, color data, lock 
stitches, and so on.
An .EXP file is a Melco format, but will be about 1/10 the size of the .OFM 
version because it will only contain the necessary information for the machine 
to sew your design.  That being stich coordinates, color change commands (not 
color data), and trim commands.  Those three bits of information are all that's 
necessary for any machine to sew a design.  
If you are going to have someone give you a design that is in an .EXP format, 
you really should think twice about editing that design.  There will be rules 
to follow so you don't mess it up too bad.
If you are able to change your .EXP file and it still sew well for you, 
consider it a good day.

Hope this helps,
Ed Orantes


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