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It is quite an experience to go inland on the train.  However it is an add on 
either before or after the cruise.  So a person would either start in Seattle 
end in Whitier then go up to Anchorage to Denali by train then back to 
Anchorage and fly back to where you started from.  If there is enough people to 
do that length of a trip we can look at it. That usually is at least a 10 day 
itinerary if not longer.

There is a nice train ride in Sitka I believe that goes up into the Canadian 
boarder that is a nice historic ride and very beautiful if it is a clear day 

I believe we were going to just look at the Inside Passage cruises out of 
Seattle at this point but tell Vince if I find him a good deal I will let you 
guys know!  :-)


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