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I have used this successfully on my XT for freestanding lace. It makes very cool glow in the dark snowflakes.


Thanks for the tip about using the regular sewing spools. That may come in handy one day.


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Wanted to share something that turned out really cool. I am making up some artwork for resale in local Christian supply shops.

I took a black and white image of Christ smiling, and did a photo fill in DS. Converted it to wireframe and edited out all the points on the edges of the picture so only His profile showed stitches. (Pull compensation set to x:100%, y:155% seems to work really well with photo fill).

Then I put down a series of satin columns as a background, to lay the image on. I added "sunburst" rays common to this sort of image, as if a sun was behind the head. Christ image done in black thread. Stitched it onto white velvet, and framed it. Image produced is really stunning.

Now here is the cool part. Before I stitched it, I went to Walmart and bought a small spool of glow-in-the_dark thread (light yellow in light, soft green glow in dark) and used it for the satin columns background and rays. The effect in a darkened room is surreal! Very, very cool.

The small spool was meant for a standard sewing machine. I was able to use it by lifting the plastic thread guide tube a short way out of the metal cone tube. Popped the white plastic piece off the clear plastic tube, slipped the small spool over the clear tube, and replaced the white piece on the clear tube. Spool won't go over the metal tube so it sits up high on top of the metal tube. Ran entire spool without any problems. Made sure that the top part of spool was not the end they cut a "holding" slit into.

Just wanted to share. Anyone know where to find standard size cones of glow thread?



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