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Hi John, yes, I got that tip from Sue Biele at Melco and it is yet another good 
option to step through the colors. I prefer the red icon because all the other 
colors stay on the screen, except for the one that's selected. For instance, I 
may want to see what elements are affected by stop 12 out of 32 color stops. I 
can select 12, and only that element disappears. It was more comfortable (for 
me) to have it on the palette because if I decided that color should be 
different, I could right-click at that point and change the color there. Which 
can still be done on the right side of the design tree.

In the large picture of this Version 9 upgrade, WOW! My machines at idle are so 
quiet I have to check their lights to make sure they're on. It's a welcome and 
amazing improvement! The sew quality is certainly an improvement as well. The 
machines just sound tighter and smooth.

I completely revamped my PC so it was a totally clean install of everything 
from the MS XP operating system, etc. No problems with anything. The screen is 
different but not frustratingly so . . . it looks much like any other software 
program and takes a little bit of patience to figure where things are. I had no 
problem with screen real estate as was previously discussed. I have a 19" flat 
screen and it's fine for me.

The newness of V9 is kind of like cooking in someone's else's kitchen . . . 
just have to figure out where everything is but it is somewhere.

So far, my experience with V9 is thumbs up. It's only been two days . . . but a 
successful two days both software and hardware related. I also signed up for 
the extended warranty agreement as insurance for any problems so the peace of 
mind from that is adding to this in a positive manner. I hate the cost, but I 
think it will pay for itself after awhile. Last year, I had a tech here about 
four times which I calculated in my decision. I still think it should include a 
yearly maintenance checkup for belts, cables, etc. That would just be a good 
business decision to put into practice and would save money for both parties in 
the long run.


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