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Recurring Color Change Index Errors can be, among other things, a sign that the 
C/C optical sensor may be rubbing against the flags that are located on the 
back of the needle case assy. If you are familiar with the location of the 
optical sensor try blowing it out with compressed air as Dorothy mentioned in 
the previous post and then try to see if the flags are centered inside of the 
sensor or if they are touching the top or bottom portion of the sensor.

You didn't mention if the tech that came out to visit tried to replace the 
sensor while he was there.
perhaps you can elaborate further.

Hugo Torbidoni

Melco Tech

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You need to blow the heck out of the color sensor.....go to settings, timer and 
go though the 2million stitch maintenance to see where the sensors are. Next 
time you get the message, you can just blow out the sensors without going 
through the maintenance. I have one machine that loves to accumulate dust and I 
have to blow out the sensors probably every 1M stitches. My other machine 
rarely has this trouble and I just follow the regular maintenance schedule. 
Hope this helps.


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We are having perennial problems with our machine saying “color sensor off 
index while sewing.” We have reseated the color change selector in the mother 
board. We have tried pushing the head so the needle is centered (no success). 
We have gone to “My Computer” and deleted the jobs file and the machines file. 
None of this brings success.  We have had a tech here to work on it. Still no 
success. Any of you real gurus with some advice for us?  Ours is an Amaya 


Any help would be appreciated.




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