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Anyone out there have a good company for purchasing Christmas Cards with your 
name imprinted in a professional but not too costly manner?
Debbie in Indiana

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Subject: [amayausers.com] Good Stick-back Stabilizer

I've been using Floriani's Perfect Stick for a while now with my FastFrames.  
Sewing through it feels like fabric, and it doesn't gum up the needles.  
Another fairly new one is Inspira's tacky stick (I'm not sure if that's what 
it's called -- Inspira is being sold through Viking (and Pfaff?) dealers.
Barb in Broomfield, CO

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Quick - what's the GOOD kind of sticky back?

Carol Brussel
Brussel Embroidery Denver


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> I'm using a FastFrame with sticky back (the good kind


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