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Go into "Settings" in OS, uncheck all thread protection and kick up the 
material thickness to 40...and drop the speed to 800 to 1000.....lower numbers 
on MT will give you varying looks.

Usually in design Shop, densities of around 2 will give an interesting look and 
give the thread some loft...experimentation with different fill patterens and 
densities is the key  ...trying different settings will give some interesting 

You will never get to the "real" chenille like you will see on the lettermen 
jacket numbers because of needle size, type of thread/yarn/weight, etc but you 
can certainly spruce up some ordinary designs this way....a woolly sheep for 
example...or the mane on a lion or horse, dog & cat fur....to name a few....its 
called "play time".....
Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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