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Well first a simple question.
are y ou making sure to slide the hoop in between the front and back of the 
shirt when you hoop it?
you only should have the hoop then a layer or 2 of your backing and then the 
material your sewing on, and then the top hoop with the 2 wings that clamp into 
the machine.

As far as not sewing the front and back together.
when you slide tha shirt and hoop into the arms you separate the garment again 
and the hoop slides above the sewing arm, the rest of the shirt falls down 
under the arm and you want to reach underneath before sewing or tracing to make 
sure there isn't any part of the shirt inbetween the hoop/backing combination 
and the sewing arm/needle plate.
Hope that sheds a little light to get you were you need to be.



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